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New River Elementary School

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NLM Statement - New River Individual

As some of you may know, there is an individual who is parked in a vehicle next to New River Park and close to the New River Elementary school grounds. Members of the community have approached this individual and have shared their concerns with the City of Norwalk Public Safety, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, and with the District.

The Public Safety Department along with the Sheriff’s Department have investigated the behavior of this individual, with departments stating that this individual has not broken any laws regarding occupying public spaces, nor have any of the claims of his behavior been corroborated. In addition, it has been shared with the District that database searches have come back with no record of any offense. The District is also limited because this individual is on a public street and not interfering with school operations. New River Elementary School has also shared updates about this situation with its community, and the City of Norwalk has installed cameras as an extra precaution.

Please know that the safety and well-being of our students and campus is our top priority. We have been in contact with both Public Safety and Sheriff’s Departments about this concern. We will continue to monitor this situation with the assistance of the aforementioned Departments.